How Solar Saves

Eliminate or reduce your electric bill.

Turn rising utility bills into fixed costs for decades to come! Although you might have heard that solar is a costly investment, thanks to local and federal rebates, it is surprisingly affordable. Once you factor in the average annual utility increase (historically around 7% a year),  that initial investment is often repaid in just a few short years. 

Increased property values.

A Moore solar system increases property value for years to come without an increase in property taxes. 

Cash rebates and tax credits.

State and federal incentives are available to most consumers, sometimes covering up to 80% of installed system cost. 

Solar electric systems are reliable.

A solar system requires very little maintenance and will produce clean,  dependable electricity for years to come. Our solar panels carry a 25-year manufacturer's warranty. 

Protect the environment.

Generating electricity from solar power decreases the need for electricity generated from coal, oil, gas or nuclear power plants, thereby helping to protect the environment and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. 

Residential solar systems are now eligible for a 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit, payable in cash!

The impact of this law will be a significant increase in the affordability and financial return of a residential solar system, making it one of the safest and best investments available today. Read more  about the Federal solar tax credit program for homeowners.