Did you know?           

When it comes to solar, commercial properties can avail  themselves of even more incentives than residential. Here is a summary of some of the incentives available:

  • Federal tax credit (30% of contract value) can be taken as a cash grant until the the end of 2019. After that the percentage goes down every year, so take advantage now! 
  • Some areas have utility cash incentives available. 
  • Accelerated MACRS depreciation. 
  • State of California corporate credit. 

Each site is unique, therefore a site visit and an analysis of your bills is the best way to assess what solar can do for you. Please call 323.221.1260 to schedule a site visit! Among some of the unique commercial installation services offered by Moore Solar:  

  • Roof garden solar installations 
  • Commercial building "façade" installations 
  • Solar "trees" 

We also offer cleaning and maintenance contracts and remote monitoring services.